Windermere Real Estate

Windermere is provided with one ordering site, one bill, and next day delivery for all your business supply needs.

Your Dedicated Account Manager:

Kyle Nark

✉︎ Email Kyle
Call 360-929-1234

When to Contact Kyle:

  • Furniture Needs
  • Problem Solving
  • Unusual Requests
  • Printing
  • Account Setup

✉︎ Email Kyle
Call 360-929-1234

When to Contact Support:

  • Rush orders
  • Questions about your order
  • Can you look up…?
  • Do you have…?
  • I’m looking for…?

✉︎ Email Support
Call 206-628-0059

When to Contact Dina:

  • Questions regarding your bill
  • Payment options or questions
  • Explanation of your bill

✉︎ Email Dina
Call 206-628-0059

Kyle Nark and Complete Office have been the go-to team for Windermere’s business needs. From office and computer supplies, business printing, janitorial and breakroom supplies- Kyle helps lower Windermere’s transaction costs by reducing the number of supplies and consolidating purchases.

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